October 6, 2023

Five Things Friday

Work: I've just finished my last full week of work.  I even had motivation to work on a bigger project I was given which I can now hopefully turn in before I leave.  I'm feeling mostly redundant as my maternity cover is so good she's taken over everything - but that's also great because I don't have any concerns about the team I support.  I think I'm just ready for the next thing now... my last day is Wednesday!

Weekend: This weekend we are hosting our first ever kids party! Isaac is turning 5 next Thursday but we scheduled his party for this Saturday as I was somewhat concerned that twins would be born early.  Last year we threw a pumpkin carving party which was really fun but I knew that would be too close to baby time to host one this year.  We haven't got any organized activities planned but we have balloons and gliders and food and cake and a hall so I am sure the kid will figure out how to have fun.

Plans: It's hard to make plans at the moment because I am aware that babies can come anytime.  But I do keep making "if not babies" plans... for instance next weekend is the opening of our nearest pumpkin patch, and if not babies I want to go and take some photos and buy a pumpkin.  We've been every year for the past 3 and generally get great photos there so fingers crossed it's not raining and we can get last minute ticket if I'm up for it

House: I am still working through decluttering projects.  I'm hoping when done with work I can do more declutter before/after.  I haven't organized the new side board and need different kid toy storage for it.  I also want to buy a clock for the kitchen (this has been on my list for 6 months) and a new candle because it's fall and I love a candle.  I sense a trip to Homesense (TK Maxx or TJ Max Depending on where you live).  We recently had a new shed built to the side of our garage, which both Andy and Isaac love.  I'm not sure why when Andy wants a new shed I say "yes that seems fine" but it took me getting pregnant with twins to get a dishwasher... I may have to reflect on this dynamic.

(the shed does have a door - Andy is currently painting it.  All he needs is a dry day... maybe April)

Reading: I'm currently reading my 50th book this year!  I've got two on the go at the moment - the Audiobook for Simplicity Parenting and Tell Me Three Things on Kindle.  Because I don't sleep well at night I usually listen to about 30 minutes of Simplicity Parenting every night, which is interesting but also easy to fall asleep to.  I do agree with lots of what he says and it's nice to reinforce that I can be looking to try and create less for my kids, not more.  


  1. Wow, this was you last full work week... this pregnancy felt like it flew by (just for me? LOL) I hope you get a little more nesting/organizing done before the twins arrive!

  2. Yay for being done with work! Those babies are going to be here before you know it!!