October 30, 2023

How not to have a baby - an update from a very pregnant person.

Last weekend I thought I was enjoying the last weekend as a family of 4.  But, it appears I am always surprised by the NHS processes and baby having processes over here. My induction was scheduled for Friday - that was as far as my consultant advised I wait to have twins (37 weeks 5 days). 

At 2pm they hospital called to say delivery were full.  Instead I went in on Saturday for a check, where they told me they were still full.  They said I would be called on Sunday morning... so I went in Sunday morning to wait.  And wait.  And then I went home at 4pm.  They called at 9pm to say they were still full.

Unfortunately we used all our scheduled childcare as I didn't realize that induction on Friday could result in being still pregnant at home on Monday.  Now we wait to see when they have space... I am apparently one of the rare people who go to over 38 weeks pregnant with twins.  

In good news, Friday night was great as both kids were at sleepovers so Andy and I picked up pizza and ate at home by ourselves.  No bedtime shuffle - we finished dinner and then watched "Get Smart" which was not as bad as I expected.  Low expectations possibly helped. 
I would feel better about this whole situation if the doctors hadn't spent most of the pregnancy telling me that it's best to deliver twins before 38 weeks.  But there's not much to be done - babies will come when they are ready and if the hospital isn't worried then I don't really have any choice but to wait.

Isaac has his first swim lesson today - he's doing a short course of daily lessons as it's fall half term so no school for a week.  Andy started his two weeks of paternity leave today since I can't watch two kids by myself and Isaac is off school.  If we haven't had babies soon he may go back to work and switch his paternity to unpaid leave until the babies are born.

In the interim we have a Monday to fill with family fun as neither kid has childcare.

The clocks went back on Saturday night, but because the kids had such exciting weekends of sleepover and playdates they were completely exhausted on Sunday and fell asleep by 6pm.  Which of course meant they were up at 5:30am... which is fine.  But it does make the morning a bit looooong.

This morning we decided to carve pumpkins - I didn't think I would get to carve pumpkins this year but horray, it's worked in my favor!   


  1. Excellent design and execution, Isaac! Lilah looks so proud...or she's having a heart to heart with the gourd.

  2. All the best! Maybe by the time you read this comment...the new babies will be here??!!!! It is hard to wait after a time you've fixed in your mind as being THE DATE. But glad you made the most out of the solo time with Andy.

    Praying for a smooth delivery and so much love and joy in the days, months, and years ahead <3

  3. Oh man, I know the days must be crawling by. But those babies will get themselves born! Enjoy these last few days (hours?) as a family of 4.

  4. Oh jeez. This sounds really frustrating and stressful, or at least a lot of up and down emotions. I was induced with my kiddo and I know I would have been extremely shaken up if they'd told me to go home. (Although I was already 42 weeks at the time LOL.)

    I am sending you all the happy baby arrival thoughts!!!

  5. "I didn't realize that induction on Friday could result in being still pregnant at home on Monday."
    This made me laugh.
    Well, I hope you are having very dull and routine times. Yay for carving out pumpkins. Funny how life goes on even when it is not going on as originally planned. I'm very grateful for medical advances, but I do feel it is miraculous how babies and bodies will somehow figure it out on their own.

  6. Well I hope you are now a family of 6! I find it strange that they would schedule an induction and then delay it, but I don't really know how that works in the US either, so maybe that is common? You tell me!

    Great pumpkins! Very talented! I love the little bit of hair that is on Isaac's pumpkin!

  7. I'm guessing that it is now late on Nov 1st where you are, the babies are here. At least I hope so! How frustrating, so much scheduling and so on. Love the pictures, too.

  8. Wow, they schedule induction and then string you along for a few days? That's ... unbelievable. I mean, I guess I wouldn't necessarily be worried, but that's no way to spend your last weekend before the babies come when you thought it would be the first weekend WITH babies.