October 3, 2023

October! My favourite season begins.

I am excited it's October.  September felt like a weird month - the weather (heatwave at the start - yuck!) did not help.  But we are now having cooler mornings and dark evenings and dripping rain and I am feeling that fall feeling that I love.  So, here are some things that I love about fall:

Candles. I need to set up my fall candles.  I love things that smell good in the fall, hand cream and essential oils and all the nice smelling things. 

Halloween books.  I got out all the Halloween books today.  This one is my favourite:

Pumpkins.  All the pumpkins.  I am 100% going to buy a pumpkin when I get to the store next.

Fall drinks. Chai lattes, pumpkin spice... I don't even like pumpkin spice that much but also there is 100% chance I will be getting a pumpkin spice latte soon.

Fall food.  Apple crumbles (or any crumbles).  Cheeses.  Slow cooker stews.  Hearty winter dinners.  Sweet potatoes! Corn! Pumpkin bread/cookies.  All the cookies.

Leaves. Colourful red and yellow leaves everywhere.  Nature that looks like a sunset.

Open windows. It's not too cold to keep windows open at night, and sleeping in cool air is awesome. I love this bit before we turn the heat on

Kids Halloween theme clothes.  I'm a bit obsessed.  My kids both have a fair amount of Carters Halloween shirts.  My mom is soon bringing a set of matching Fall pyjamas for them.  

Having babies.  I mean, I'm having my third and fourth fall babies pretty soon.  Newborns in the fall - being at home, having low expectations of myself, not getting out much because it's dark and raining.  It's a good time to have babies.  I guess Lilah isn't exactly a fall baby (September) but Isaac is October and these two will be October as well.  

What is your favourite thing about this season?


  1. The crisp mornings and warm afternoons. It is my favourite time of year!!!

  2. Lovely musings! I also love the crisp mornings and warm afternoons, and then that even if it gets hot (supposed to be 85 - 95 for the next 5 days), it doesn't STAY hot in the evenings. Fall is the best.

  3. I am with you re open windows! I leave mine open whenever I can, but of course in the summer you have to decide if it will make it hotter or cooler inside! During the winter I would rather bundle up inside and have the windows open than sit inside a stuffy house!

  4. It's not fall here yet - temps where in the 90s but I am looking forward to all of the above, soon. (Minus the having babies LOL)

  5. "Nature that looks like a sunset."
    Beautiful. Enjoy the best month and all your babies!

  6. Your favorite things are my favorite things! I love all of what you mentioned. Fall is officially here in New Jersey- 60s and breezy. We went apple picking today in one of the many orchards of the garden state. Had a wonderful experience and picked about 10 pounds of apples.