October 20, 2023

Friday things, photos and more

There is such horrible news in the world and I am not doing well enough at curating my own inputs.  My screen time is super high right now, due to the fact that I mostly cannot sleep (because there are too many babies in my tummy) but I am also aware that too much screen time impedes sleep, so it's not ideal.  

I did finish Thank You for Listening yesterday and enjoyed it - great audio book.  I am really into the audio books right now, although I should get more into a kindle book to avoid phone use.  I'm also watching Dynasty on Netflix which is such trash TV and I really adore it.  When is Emily in Paris back?

Here are some Friday things:

This one helped us make cookies today.  I decided I wanted cookies for when I go to hospital.  Unfortunately the cookies did not turn out great (I picked a bad recipe) but she still loved the proces.

I was super lucky to get the amazing Sarah Hart Unger to recommend a new planner for me on her podcast.  My Ashley Shelley arrived and I love it already.  I think it will be great post-babies.  
After getting a pre-baby Pedicure I decided to get a manicure - I haven't had a manicure in YEARS.  I went with yellow because it seemed autumnal / Halloween-y.  I wish I could paint my own nails nicely but I might try to get manicures more often - I like it!

In more "Chaos to order" projects - I tackled the reusable nappy drawer.  Before and after below:
And finally - this dude went to his first school party today:
It was a "scaries and fairies" party from 4:30 to 6:00pm and he had a great time although was completely shattered from his week at school.  Also, this costume is actually pyjamas I bought on Vinted for £5 and he was so excited to sleep it in tonight... and to find out it glows in the dark!

I have finished my pre-baby to do list.  This weekend I have a few small to-dos: I plan to go to our local bakery for delicious treats, I want to cut Isaac's hair, and I need to finish updating the photo calendar we give out as gifts every year.  

This is likely our last weekend as a family of four... scary times indeed!

Do you have big plans for the weekend?  Have you listened to any good audio books lately?  What is your favourite cookie recipe?


  1. He looks simultaneously so grown up and completely adorable. Yay cookie baking bonding time! I'm impressed you completed your pre baby to dos and also managed to have something nice for yourself. Well done! Happy last weekend as a family of four. Thinking of you lots.

  2. Oh what a sweet time I always found those last few days of being a family of #, right before adding a new little human! We used cloth diapers too and I always got such joy out of seeing all the colourful diapers folded in the drawer, fluffy and ready to be used.
    I just started Thank You For Listening and I've been really enjoying it. It had debated whether to read via audio or on the page, and I'm glad I chose audio. My other favorite audiobook this year has been Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. There was a full cast audio version released on Audible recently. Full cast audio isn't usually my thing, but this one was really well done - funny and smart and moving all at the same time.

    1. Cloth nappies are definitely joyful!

      I think Thank You For Listening is a great audiobook and might not have the same impact on the page, but I'm of course biased having finished it on audio. I bet Good Omens is good - I've already read it and the BBC version. I don't think I've listened to a full cast audio before but I have given up on two (Lincoln and the Bardo and Lafayette in the Somewhat United States). I'm not sure whether I gave up because they didn't interest me or because I didn't like full cast audio?

  3. Oh goodness, it's getting to be go time, isn't it? Being pregnant with twins has to be exhausting. It's really not fair how poorly we sleep at the end of pregnancy, especially since we get so little sleep once the baby is out!

    Good luck, I'll be thinking of you!

  4. Wow, it's getting close! Love the picture of your little one making cookies and wearing a cute hat! Best wishes as you welcome your babies <3

  5. It's almost time. You'll have babies soon - yay! I can imagine you're getting antsy. So cute that you had a little helper for making the cookies (and sorry they didn't turn out).... I have a simple almond butter cookie recipe that I like,

  6. Believe it or not, I muscled my way through giving myself an at home pedicure this week. Which was probably only possible because I have only 1 (almost 38-week) baby in my tummy. -Kat