October 26, 2023

Surprise - it's thursday!

One of the weird things about being very pregnant is the total lack of planning and control.  I know that's really probably true of all of life but it seems more obvious at this exact moment.

I find it hard to talk to people because recently I have done nothing, and my mid term plans are to do nothing.

I have finished all the house projects on my list.  We even hung some art last week.  I ordered both Isaac and Lilah's photo books.  I've updated the family photo album.

I've updated our budget.  

I took every drawer out of the freezer and the outside freezer and sorted food.  I was very excited to realize that chicken carcass can go in the outside freezer in the meat drawer rather than the inside freezer in the stock drawer.  We have a few freezer meals, but not really enough to serve a full dinner to kids.  I think in the weeks to come the meals plans will be whatever people give us, whatever is leftover, and also kids can eat jacket potatoes and fish fingers and other foods that we don't normally eat.

I am currently listening to Ultra Processed People which is interesting but probably not great reading going into a time when I won't have as much time to cook delicious nutritious meals.

We have decorated the house for Halloween.  I ordered a squash box from our local veg delivery and my squash corner is now complete:

And that's about it.  Now we wait.  And try to sleep.  And watch too much Dynasty and Girls 5eva on Netflix.  And listen to audiobooks.  And do anything that doesn't involve leaving the house.


  1. You've done your part! Now it's up to those babies to get themselves born;-).

  2. Your squash corner is a thing of beauty!

    Love your "and now we wait" assertion. That's all you can do. You've done all the rest. Come on babies, we want to meet you!

  3. I am so impressed by you getting your whole list done! I haven't even made my list yet! - Kat

  4. Love girls 5eva and the crowned pumpkin. Happy not-planning, and maybe it's an opportunity tp talk with people about your thoughts, not just accomplishments

    1. I don't think I have any thoughts anymore besides "I am so tired and so pregnant".

  5. I can only imagine how weird it must be to work towards a "deadline" but you don't know the exact date of the deadline, so you want to be done "early", but then you also sit around twiddling your thumbs... LOL (sorry for the weird analogy).... I love your pumpkin corner :)