November 16, 2023

Lowered expectations

 Does anyone remember the show Mad TV where they had a fake dating ad for “Lowered Expectations”?

Two and a half weeks into this twin thing and here are my current lowered expectations:

Baths. Kids don’t really need baths. We used to do daily or every other day. Now… it’s when they’re really mucky. The twins have each had one bath since they were born.

Kid dinner. Kids have had pasta or jacket potatoes for 90% of the dinners since twins were born.

Reading. I don’t read anymore. I started an audiobook yesterday. I’ll be surprised if I get through one book this month

Cooking. Wonderful friends and family have made us every meal except one slow cooker chilli which I made with Andy on a weekend.

To dos. My to do list is all necessary things and all aspirational. I’ve never managed to put away clean laundry the same day it was washed. I do one load of laundry a day. I run the dishwasher. And everything else… doesn’t get done. Andy or I do a 20 minute sweep of the house every evening to put things away, but I’ve hoovered once. 

Diet. I’m hungry and I’m eating everything. Often I eat a cliff bar at night. Sometimes a kind bar too. Today I ate two doughnuts. I also eat cheese and crackers and hummus and basically whatever I’m craving. I had spaghetti with marinara sauce at 10am.

Two  weeks old.


  1. First of all, the twins are so cute!!! Second, YES, survival mode! You are keeping yourself and the kids alive and if you accomplish everything else, it's just gravy.

  2. Sounds like "just right expectations" to me. I bet the older kids are THRILLED with less bathing and pasta/potato dinners, the books will still be there when the kids are in college, your friends are all happy to pitch in for food, anything that's not getting done now is the same as reading, it'll be there later, and...spaghetti at 10 AM sounds good to me. Hang in there my friend!

  3. I love the breakfast pasta; that is a perfect mascot for the newborn phase. And how are you getting through the night on just 2 bars?? I have Scott prepare me a snack box before bed that includes a hard boiled egg, sliced cheese, crackers and a protein bar. And that's just for feeding 1 baby!

    1. I consider my 10am meal my “first lunch”. Breakfast is around 7 with the kids. And second lunch is around noon and third lunch is at 2. I think i eat so much in the middle of the day that I’m less hungry at night? Your bedtime snack box sounds amazing though!! Sometimes I also take a cheese and cracker snack for night time however I really don’t like crackers crumbs in bed lol. -rachel

  4. Look at those sweet, sweet babes.

    And yes. Bathing is overrated. My kids shower twice a week unless they get really dirty. Nothing bad has happened yet.

    I bathed a lot when they were kids for entertainment, but I kinda hated the process. I'd get all wet and cold and I found the whole thing a nuisance (hence teaching them to like showers early because I found those a lot less work than bathing). I fully support infrequent kid bathing!!!

  5. Oh how precious!!!! YES to everything you said. You are doing great mama!

  6. I only had one, and I remember being SO HUNGRY making milk. I had a friend who lost a ton of weight because she was 'too busy and tired to eat'. What? You have to eat to make milk, duh. Regarding bathing, and all of the other things around the house, just know that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing right now. You and your husband are focused on taking care of you and the kids, and the rest will get done when it gets done. Also, YAY to friends who bring meals!

  7. Oh goodness, these two are precious. I can imagine that everything has been turned a bit upside down since their arrival.