November 17, 2023

5 on a Friday - one handed typing edition

1 - The twins are back at birth weight, which is good news and means they are finally getting bigger.  So far they have one 4oz bottle of formula every evening but otherwise it’s just me feeding them…  I am a big fan of breastfeeding (for my own babies - you do you for yours!) and I’m pretty happy with how it’s going so far. 

2 - Isaac was off school today due to tummy troubles. He and lilah were really fun to hang out with. We did “glueing” in the morning which is their favourite arts and crafts activity… just gluing stuff onto other stuff.  

3 - we interviewed a nanny today and I really liked her. I can’t decide if we need to interview more people or if I should just say “you seem great let’s do it” I’ve never had or hired a nanny before so I’ve got no real idea what I’m looking for, she has all the experience and qualifications and registrations. And she’s a hobbyist cyclist. And she is screen free. 

4 - I have gone for a walk almost every day this week. Today we even managed a walk with the baby shade down and both twins got some sun! Nora is vaguely jaundiced so trying to get her in sunlight during Welsh winter is tricky at best. Another storm is coming this weekend so conscious that I need to get out while I can.

5 - kids costume box is a source of perpetual joy


  1. That's a tough call on whether to interview other nannies...the rational part of my brain says that there's no harm in interviewing at least one other person but my gut says that wow she really hit it right out of the park. Good luck and happy weekend!

  2. This all sounds so lovely! I am so charmed by the glueing activity. How cute! And your nanny prospect does sound really great. How cool that she is screen free.

  3. Just gluing stuff together. As you do!

  4. We interviewed exactly one nanny and have kept her for 9 years! (Her role has evolved as the kids aged, of course.) I think if the fit is good, you'll know. It helps that you're an experienced parent and so you likely have a good sense of what your priorities are when it comes to child care (like being screen free).
    One piece of unrequested advice--be both really clear about your expectations on the 'business' side and also open to updating terms if all parties agree. Its easy for unspoken assumptions to gum things up.