November 20, 2023

Things that are good.

Babies We are getting into a feeding/sleeping routine with the twins.  Andy does the start of the night (including their one bottle) and I do the second half.  This works well for me because I love a 7:30 bedtime.  Last night I slept from 9pm to 2am.  I was up for much of the rest of the night but 5 hours is about as much sleep as anyone with a three week old can expect to get so I am very happy with this.  And, someday, I will sleep 8 hours a night again.

Shoes My life is massively improved with the addition of... CROCS.

I know, welcome to 2010 (??).  I spend so much time walking from my house to the garage to get laundry and each time I had to either put on shoes or put on welly boots and neither was super easy.  I didn't like storing welly boots by the back door (right next to the dining table, and always in the way) and now I can just slip on crocs to get outside quickly.  Also, these are knock-off crocs in a childs size 7, which means they were £12 instead of the adult pair which were £40.  I forget I can buy childs sized shoes and need to do this more (I'm a US size 7, but I think childs sizes go to US adult size 7.5 here? )

Food We are finally finishing the last of the food we were given after babies. I love the US meal trains but it's not a thing over here, thankfully we have very generous friends! I enjoyed the last of our friends lasagna for my 10am lunch and a peanut butter chocolate cookie for snack... now we can start raiding the freezer next if needed.  We did manage to make a roast chicken dinner yesterday so have stocked the fridge with leftovers from that.  All it takes to make a homecooked roast chicken dinner with newborn twins is two parents at home all day and help from grandma.  Easy peasy.

Reading I finished a book!  It was a 4 hour audiobook of short stories which probably intertwined more than my sleepy brain realized, but I enjoyed it anyways.  

I've checked out Yuval Noah Harari's Homo Deus which is 15 hours long and will see how far I get with it.  I also have a paperback copy of American Royals 4: Reign which I am excited to read but haven't figured out how to read a book and hold or feed twins so not sure if I'll actually be able to read it... but I was very excited that my library had it already!


  1. Crocs are also my "house" shoes and I find them both comfortable and versatile.

    And yay for getting 5 hours of sleep. It's a great stretch at 3 weeks <3

  2. These are all such good things! You are rocking this twin parenting situation!

  3. Yay sleep!

    My husband had the same pair of crocs since before the kids were born until a few weeks ago. His old pair finally wore out, and when he showed me his new pair, I told him "we should have discussed this first".

  4. "All it takes to make a homecooked roast chicken dinner with newborn twins is two parents at home all day and help from grandma. Easy peasy." HA! Yes. We didn't have any close family or friends when our daughter was born, so no meal train. I did freeze some food ahead of time.

    5 hours of sleep is glorious. And as an experienced parent, you know that you will get back to 8 hours at some point. Something to look forward to.

  5. All good, but especially the SLEEP and the COOKIE. :) So glad you have the support and help you need.

  6. Yay for a better night routine. That must be game-changing. Also, can you believe I've never owned a pair of Crocs (and I hope I never will LOL)