November 21, 2023

Not rocking it.

Today had some fails. I managed to stay cool for about 90% of the day, but the post dinner pre bedtime tired kids did me in at the end and if I was in nursery I’m sure I would have gotten a yellow card for unkind words.

Today I haven’t managed to get babies to sleep anywhere but on me. There is a chance this couch cushion is now permanently moulded to me. I did try to put babies down multiple times… but Audrey was not keen on the pram. Nora was happy to sleep though, but with twins, one sleeping baby is no sleeping babies.

I chopped chicken and peppers for fajitas while rocking the pram with my foot.  I spent a lot of time sitting down today and wishing I could do something… anything. And now, at almost 8pm, I am still sitting down.  Soon I will get at up and go to bed.

Our baby announcements arrived today. And I spelled one of the babies names wrong. So I have re-ordered them at a cost of another £30.  

Baby names correct: Audrey Yael and Nora Bronwyn

Baby name in card: Audrey Yael and Nora Brownyn 


It wasn’t all bad. Other things:
  •  I went for a walk (although mistimed and Nora got hungry and started crying and I tried to run home to feed but I am very out of shape and also had two babies three weeks ago so running is hard).
  •  I picked up Isaac from school (although Audrey was crying the whole walk while Nora slept).
  •  I got freezer burned fish cakes from the freezer to defrost for tomorrow dinner (someone left the freezer door slightly open and it’s now filled with ice and I have no idea when I’ll get a chance to defrost it)
  • The cleaner came and the house is clean and I remembered to pay her. 
  • Andy registered the kids births and got their birth certificates (he spelled their names right)


  1. I ordered my daughter's college graduation cards and the field was too small and my eyes not perfect and I misspelled our last name. One extra letter. I didn't notice and mailed them out. Gah. And then when I posted a picture on Facebook, someone pointed it out to me. I ordered more because I wanted to have the right spelling, and I mailed them out again. Embarrassing.

    I only have the one, and yet I do remember that feeling of being trapped and really wanting to just get up and DO SOMETHING. Sorry about the kids.

  2. My mom hand printed all my birth announcements and my father casually looked over her shoulder and said: Oh, that's not how I spelled her name on her birth certificate. Somehow they hadn't discussed the spelling? (So she spelled it with an "z" and my father with an "s"). Since they were all done and ALL HANDPRINTED, she just crossed out the z and added in an s. And that's how all my baby announcements went out :)

    OH and I put the wrong phone number down for our wedding RSVP. I had the wrong area code which = the wrong number. Sigh.

  3. I ordered an address stamp for myself once with a new address and had the wrong zip code on it. *sigh* Had to order another one. It happens! Even to those of us without two brand new babies!

  4. Hi Rachel, hugs to you. In spite of the fact that you have had a hard day, I can sense through your post that you are generally a positive person. This season of life is hard. One day you will look back and say "huh, remember that time when I spelled Nora's name wrong?..." All the best from New Jersey.

  5. Just going to throw it out there that these are not "fails", but rather, "life with newborn twins and two older kids". You're doing great. <3

  6. I had to look at the names for a long time to find the "typo" - so you get a pass (sleep-deprived and all ;)).