April 28, 2013

A Sleepy Saturday in Roath: A trip to Roath Market and Allen's Bakery

On a recent Saturday my Brewer Half and MTB Ben and I went on an Adventure through Roath.

First we looked for the mystical bread-heaven of Allen's Bakery - or The Secret Bakery as I've heard it called.  A lot of walking later and down an alleyway we saw it!
Unfortunately by the time we arrived (11am - we are not morning creatures) most of the days breads were sold, but what was left still looked amazing!

We bought some tasty rolls and then headed to Roath Market.  A few weeks ago I tried duck eggs for the first time, and they were delicious!  I was a bit tipsy as well when we ate them (I know, strange drink-snack) but I wanted to try them again!  £1.80 later I had a lovely box of 6.  Brewer half bought some fresh butter, which was the most tasty butter I've ever tried.
 We also stopped by the Blaencamel Farm stand - happiest veg stall in the world!
Recently I ordered a Blaencamel Box - fresh veg delivered to my door.  It was so good - lots of different greens I'de never tried before.  In ordere to use everything I made some lovely indian meatballs which are still waiting in my freezer - nothing goest to waste if I can help it!
Blaencamel had some stunning greens for sale
 Wild Garlic & Winter Purslane
While on our adventures we also spotted the most ridiculous bike hack - tri-bars with gears and brakes.  Amazing.

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