April 30, 2013

April Recap!

April was Pile on the Miles!  I was going to run lots and lots, all the time.

It started strong (as these things do) with 13 miles of running in the first week.

And now, at the end of April, my grand total is...  24.9 miles.

Not even a Marathon distance!  Oh well.  That's okay, because this month is

The cool thing is that after runs I sometimes feel bad because I went slow.  But when I count up my total miles I don't look at speed, I just look at miles.  And so I shouldn't feel bad about being slow, because I'm not looking for speed, I'm looking for distance!  Here's to more distance in May.

Cycling-wise I only did 92 tracked miles (there are about 50-60 more in commuter miles) of which 50 were road cycling and 42 mountain biking.  I'm going to try and track my commutes more, and certainly going to get out with Ajax more too!

Unfortunately last month had a lot of stressful things.  This month is starting mega-stressful as well (I'm moving in 2 weeks, among other life-stresses) however I'm quite excited because in about 2 weeks lots of different stresses should be sorted, and then it will be very exciting!

Also, the more stressful times are now means that the more relaxed times will be later when the world is not being so... stressful! :-)

Phew, that's a lot of stress!

You know what's good for stress?  Running!

Horray for Pile on the Miles in MAY!

Oooh check out this Strava Widgit I found!

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