April 12, 2013

My Favourite healthy quick meal

I love stir frys!  They are so quick and healthy!  Yum!

Here is how I make mine: 

Step 1: Heat some oil in a pan.  I use sunflower oil as a model and food blogger once told me this is better, and I do everything models tell me to.
Step 2: Chop up a load of veggies.  Onions, peppers, cabbage, mushrooms, sugar peas, mini corn, water chestnuts (if you have them)... Or just buy a bag of pre-chopped veg.  It's up to you!  

Step 3: Cook the veg in a pan.  Throw in a lot of sweet and sour sauce.  It's full of sugar and bad for you.  Do it anyways.
Step 4: Defrost a load of frozen shrimp.  Or eat fresh shrimp, if you're fancy like that.  Or eat discounted fresh shrimp that's going off today, if you're like me.  Again, your stir-fry, your rules!  Chuck all the shrimp in with the vegetables.
Step 5: Put in a lot of bean sprouts.  YUM!
Step 6: Stir for 2 minutes and then put everything in a massive plate/bowl.  Chop up some avocado and chuck it all over the top.
Step 7: Finally, cover the whole thing with lots and lots of Sriracha!  OMG I LOVE SRIRACHA.
Step 8: Eat!  You have made an amazing stir fry and now you will eat the amazing stir fry and you will be so happy!
The whole thing takes about 10 minutes from thought to eating, especially if you use pre-chopped veg.  There are some optional extra steps you can include for extra protein - I like to throw in some cashews and also to fry an egg into it right before I add the shrimp.  In fact, there is my timing:

-10 minutes: heat oil in pain
-8 minutes: add veg and mix
-5 minutes: add sweet chili sauce
-4 minutes: add cashews 
-3 minutes: add egg
-2 minutes: add shrimp
-1 minute: chop avocado


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