April 15, 2013

A very embarassing trip to the gym

Hi Y'all!  So I havent been doing much gym lately. I go through about 10 day cycles it seems - 10 days where I just want to do more and more, and 10 days where I just wanted to do less and less.  I'm also grappling with some pretty irritating life stresses at the moment, which somehow makes it harder for me to go to the gym.  That's ridiculous though, it should be easier as the gym is one place where I shouldn't feel stressed!

I may also have PTSD (and my gym buddy too!) from the last gym session.

On Saturday I didn't feel great but really wanted to go to the gym.  So we started our reps. 250 meter sprint, 20 clean and press.  Repeat.

I was slow. So slow.

But I kept going!  We did the sets 5 times.

I did not feel good at all.  I felt bad.

We moved onto burpees (which I didn't do) and inverted chest press.  I did 6 chest presses and then I knew I was going to be sick.

So I ran away and it was highly embarrassing.  The kind gym staff offered me water.  I had to be driven home by gym buddy, like a kid from school.  I had to have gym buddy stop the car so I could, well, be gross.

Gym buddy was so nice about it.  We've been friends for years and had many nights out together, he's never had to hold my hair before.  But 100 clean and presses later he's blocking me from view of traffic as I try to hide behind a car and a Chinese takeaway.

As it turns out, I think I may be intolerant to duck eggs.  This is a major bummer as I love all eggs, and duck eggs are especially delicious.  I had eaten 2 for breakfast! And I felt like I was going to die.  I'm not sure how one tests for an intolerance, but Brewer Half's plan that I eat duck eggs again and see what happens is not encouraging.

So my next gym session will have to be better than that.  And yes, I was sick at swimming once too.  I have the weakest stomach in the world combined with a desire to eat all the strange things, and this often leads me to trouble.

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