April 4, 2013

Pile on the Miles - Running for April!

So far this week I have been a terrible exercise blogger, but an excellent exercise person!

I've been toying with the idea of doing monthly totals for bike and running, but havent yet done so because I don't Strava all my rides (like commuter miles) and I don't Strava treadmill miles (which are rare, but count).  I cycle to work daily which is 6 miles roundtrip, 30 miles a week, but it's nothing compared to actual training.

My total miles run in March was 17.

This was not good enough.  So this month, I'm going to see how many miles I can rack up.  This is part of step 1 for being a better runner: run more.

On Wednesday I woke up at 6:30am, and went for a very painful hour long run (painful because it was 6:30am, and painful because it's hard to run for an hour!)  I managed 5 miles

Today after work I went for another hour run, and this time managed 5.5 miles in that same time.

5k in 27 minutes
10k in under an hour
finish a half marathon in October

I'm realizing more and more that I can't do everything - I'm running now and doing a fair amount of gym time as well (twice this week and again tomorrow!) but I haven't been on the road bike in ages.  The weather has really knocked my interest in cycling - it's windy and cold and the idea of pedaling behind people in a line up busy roads sounds so awful that I havent even tried for weeks.

The last Ajax ride (long cycle) I did was February 24th - I guess that's only 6 weeks but it feels like ages.  Racing season has started and I'm already fearing my next attempt to gasp my way through a steady ride... because I haven't kept it up.

Strava doesn't lie - this winter has hit my endurance activity levels hard:

Now granted this graph aggregates cycling and running, and all my miles for April have been running, but still - i need to be aiming for September totals (241 miles), not January (62.7)

So here's hoping the weather gets good, the bike gets out, and the running gets easier! Wish me luck as I pile on the miles this month :-)

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