April 19, 2013

75 minute mega-circuit: a workout for a smaller gym

Today I realized I need to get my motivation back.  I need to be stronger and more compact.  I decided to jump back in with a bit of a mix-up on my usual routine - sadly I didn't have the amazing equipment of DW but I did have barbells and bars and a few machines.  So I did the following:

April Mega-Circuit!

500 meter rower

Deadlifts (30kg) x 15
Box Step-ups (5kg each hand) x 20
Weighed squat (10kg bar) x 10

Clean & Press (15kg) x 10
Bicep Curl (12kg) x 10
Lat pull down (heavy) x 10

Dumbell Chest press (10 kg each hand) x 10
Push ups x 10
Dips x 10

Repeat 3 times!


Machines!  I started at a do-able weight,  did 10 reps, increased to next weight, 10 reps,  increased again until I could only do 5. I did it for the following:
Leg Extension
Leg press (each leg separately)


A bunch of core stuff.  Sit ups, weighted sit ups, planks, leg lifts, reverse crunches, hundreds, V-sits, Side plank, side crunch... etc.

And that's it!! That's my awesome fun workout that took 75 minutes and made me feel awesome.  Horray!

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