April 2, 2013

Cosy Club Cardiff: Restaurant Review (or: Best Brunch in Cardiff?)

On Good Friday the Brewer half and I decided to use our day off wisely - by going out for brunch.  After five years of living in Portland, Oregon (where young people go to retire) I had gotten accustomed to delicious brunches at my fingertips.  Wholegrain pancakes, fluffy veggie scrambles, and all sorts of delicious day-starters. In the UK I have discovered the fry-up and the bacon butty are the standard breakfast treats.  The quality of a breakfast is usually judged only by size and price, lots of food for less money is a common theme on Tripadvisor reviews.  But I was not to be deterred in my search for a delicious brunch in the UK...

Cosy Club opened in November 2012, and is a pretty unique venue in Cardiff city centre.  They serve good beers (Tiny Rebel!) and good food as well as maintaining a pretty quirky atmosphere.   
It was fairly quiet when we arrived at 10am on Friday.  The staff were nice and we had a lovely seat by the window.  I had checked our the menu the night before and knew what I was ordering (have I mentioned I LOVE food?) but there were plenty of options for the undecided.
I started with a latte, Brewer Half had an americano
I ordered the Cosy Eggs (£6.50) - or Eggs Royal as they are often called.  I've been craving eggs Benedict ever since my weekend in Bath and the amazing eggs Benedict I had at Wild Cafe.  Twenty minutes later I was served this delicious dish:
The eggs were perfectly poached - runny in the middle but fully cooked white.  They did not skimp at all on the salmon, there was loads and it was nice and soft, not stringy at all.  The hollandaise sauce was delicious, more buttery then lemon-y but still creamy and thick.  The cracked pepper on top was a very nice touch. The only disappointment was that the hollandaise was somewhat cold, as was the English muffin.  I'm not sure if it was prepared cold or had just sat a bit before being brought out to me, otherwise it was only a minor flaw in an otherwise delicious dish.
Brewer half ordered the Cosy Breakfast (£7.50), which came as described:
He had no quibbles, to me an English breakfast had only 2 variations: good and bad. This was certainly one of the best I've seen.  Everything looked tasty, nice thick cuts of bread, cute pot of beans, chunky streaky bacon.

I loved my breakfast at Cosy Club.  The price was good for brunch, under £18 for the two of us.  The staff were friendly and attentive, the food was served quickly (but not too quickly) and the quality was superb.  I will certainly return to Cosy Club soon - would love to try their dinners!

Here's another picture of those tasty tasty eggs:
St. Davids 2
CF10 2LE
02920 225998

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