May 3, 2013

Mountain Biking Castle Coch - my first trip to my properly local trails

The other week MTB Ben took the Brewer half and me up to some of the local trails at Castle Coch.  It was a sunny day and MTB Ben was set on teaching us some new skills.  I'de never really been up Castle Coch but knew there was biking there - it turned out there was much more than I expected!

After grinding to the top (with a bit of pushing) ben took us to some little jump-y courses.  MTB Ben took us to a steep downhill bit and encouraged us to go down it.

I did not want to go down, neither did Brewer half.  But after some coaxing I gave it a go, and It was actually fine!  I practiced shifting my weight back to try and control the bike, and did not crash at all.

In fact, MTB Ben took a photo that was kind of awesome
It doesn't even look that steep!

After playing on the jumps we cycled to the top of the ridgeway overlooking Caerphilly...
...where MTB Ben fondled his bike...
...And then took some class photos

Check it out, here's me going over a very small bit of down!

And here's MTB Ben, going over a much larger bit of down!

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