May 25, 2013

I've got internet! and the South Wales Echo On Your Bike for Barnardo's

Did you miss me?  I missed me!  Not having internet is the worst! Luckily I now have the internet, and so i can write things and do things and do things then write about the things I do!

Its a sign of the times that a house is not a home until there is internet.  It's also a sign of the times that I complained about not having internet on twitter.  The irony was not lost on me...

So what have I been doing besides moving?

I did the Barnardos ride!!

37 Miles through the lovely Vale of Glamorgan - It was the first big group ride I've done (about 350 people) and it was just awesome... the sun was out and I got to play tail-hog on cyclists a lot faster than me.  In the end I finished in 2 hours 10 minutes, next year I will definitely do sub 2 hours!!

And they put me in the news paper!! (I'm on the right in the group of 3)

Other than that I've been mountain biking, and I tried track cycling (on fixed wheel bikes) and I remembered that cycling in the sunshine is completely awesome and it's the whole reason I started cycling in the first place.  Cycling fast in the sunshine is even better so I think it's time to get my training on... more.

Back to unpacking...

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