May 31, 2013

May Recap!

May was a pretty mental month.  I moved house in the middle, had no internet, got internet, finished moving house.  In one week I worked 63 hours, but at the end of the month I claimed some of that time back and had a few days off in the sun.  I went camping in Ludlow for  a weekend which was awesome, I drank a fair amount of good beer, and I did my longest run ever.

My numbers are respectable... better than April!

Total bike miles: 205!

Total running miles: 12.5

So I ran a lot less this month, but cycled a lot more.  I'm a much better cyclist than runner so it's understandable, but soon I'm going to start entering a few 10k runs because the half marathon is getting closer...

June should be a good month, Brewer half and I have our own flat now where we do dorky things like bake bread
And buy loads of vegetable from local veg shops
This month I'm looking forward to eating well, cycling lots, enjoying a Welsh summer (hoping for sun!) 

My favorite Canadian Amy is coming to visit from Bath!

The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival is this month!  

And at the end of the month Brewer Half and I are going to Scotland for a holiday!

Lots of excitement - here's to an awesome June!

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