May 17, 2013

Moving House is the Worst for a Blogger (also for a person)

Dear internets,

I have been the worst blogger!  But I have an excuse.  Sort of.  Sure, I've been eating, but it's mostly bread and cheese.  Sure, I've been exercising, but it's mostly been lifting... boxes.

I'm moving house today, and the amount of stuff I own is ridiculous   Yes, everything I own helps contribute to my awesome life... bag of cycling clothes, bag of running clothes, bag of work clothes, bag of leisure clothes, bike bits, camping bits, adventure bits, cooking bits... ahh the list goes on!

So it's been busy. Too busy for me to write about my awesome weekend in Ludlow
Which was filled with awesome beers
Too busy to write about my amazing Meet The Brewer with Sue from Waen Brewery!
But not too busy to pack my life away.  Which is what is happening now.  Boo!
Oh and the worst news? worse than packing?  

Internet is not coming to the new house till Monday!
What is a blogger to do without internet?!

I guess I'll just have to drink some of these....

Well, maybe not the Siracha. Not until I get desperate at least.

Reader question:  Is moving the worst? 
Stop playing on the internet and start moving!

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