May 5, 2013

Sunday Training - my first attempt at a Long Run

Today is Sunday, and Sunday is Ajax long rides, and I did not go on the Ajax long ride.  I was nervous because it was long (75 miles!) and lumpy (read: hilly) and I was probably going to be the worst one there.

Instead of getting on the bike I decided to hit the gym and learn how to use machines.  As you can probably tell, I tend to do my workouts in circuits, with sets of exercises that I run through 3 times.  I remembered I used to do 3 sets of 10 things, and then move on.  So I brought a notebook and paper and did 3 sets of 10 on all the things.  I wrote down the weights I used too so I can go back and do it again.

It was cool, machines make me feel lame but are probably good.  I like free weights but I feel like I exhausted my arms more than normal by doing every machine in the gym.  I still did my favorite bar stuff (CLEAN AND PRESS!) but at least now I have an option for when they weights area is mega full.

After gym I had a protein bar and an apple and a cup of coffee before heading out on a long run.

I don't know exactly what possessed me - I've wanted to do a long run for a while, more than a 5k and more than 5 miles.

I found an awesome trail that was super pretty and took some photos:

I was out for a while and wanted to keep going but the trail sort of ended so I headed back towards home.  The last 2 miles was mostly painful but I kept going - I did stop to change the song and check my strava a lot on the way back, but in the end I made it home and had run a total of....

8.3 Miles!

This is pretty awesome as I was never a runner before and I don't like running, but there's something amazing about propelling yourself forward with only your feet and exploring new places without bicycle or car.  I will have to head that way again and see if I can find some more trails - it was absolutely stunning!

Of course my legs do feel like led now, as do my arms from the gym, but it's been a pretty excellent Sunday!

So I treated myself to some lovely beers in celebration
What an epic day!


  1. Well done Rachel! Hope you had a good diner to celebrate that!
    Where exactly did you go? The bridge looks kind of familiar.

  2. I did have a good dinner - BBQ! Not as good as HangFireSmokehouse but burgers on the grill are pretty awesome too :-)

    I went towards Llanishen Reservoir and the path around it, not sure what it's called. It was soo pretty today and I think I even got a bit of sun!

  3. Ah that's where I know it from. Cheers.

  4. that's so awesome rachel! congratulations!!