May 7, 2013

Brewer Half's Half Brewed Review: Danish Monster by Celt Brewery

Celt Danish Monster - 6.2%

Celt Brewery, based in Caerphilly, have been running for a few years, and are winning me over with their understated yet quirky beers. This one I especially enjoyed, although it is definitely not understated.

The bright, golden colour hides a thumping personality, with a surprisingly thick and heavy body.

The first mouthful was like being hit gently yet firmly (thanks Peep Show) in the face with a beery sledgehammer. It was wonderful.

There is a rich maltiness, fantastically balanced with a healthy dose of bitter, citrusy hop flavours, and an alcoholic punch.

The initial citrus hop bite is quickly followed by a lingering liquorice and sweet malt body, all interlaced with a lovely bitterness. I say interlaced, what I mean is that the intense bitterness cuts through the already strong flavours present, but the beer is so well balanced it doesn't overpower.

I like this beer a lot. It's intense.

Celt Brewery

And that's the Brewer Half's Half Brewed Review! 

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