May 8, 2013

Katiwok Cardiff - Pan Asian Street Food - Restaurant Review

On a random Sunday my very hungry friends and I ventured down to KatiWok - the fairly new Pan Asian Street Food open on Crwys Road.  
I noticed KatiWok a few months ago on my cycle to work - it's hard not to notice a bright pink and green restaurant in Cardiff!
The menu was broken up into starters, Kati Rolls, noodles, and deserts.  They also offer a meal deal for a starter, a Kati Roll, and a drink for £7.99 or noodles instead for £8.99.  They do different lunch deals as well.

Everything came together about 25 minutes after we ordered, and in adorable packaging:
The hungry Brewer Half ordered an Asian Beef Kati Roll. Brewer half turned from hungry to happy when he saw the size of the Kati Roll. It was massive! We had 3 nice sauces to chose from, a medium spicy, an extra spicy, and a green one that I didn't try but probably should have.  The asian beef was just spicy enough for Brewer Half, the beef was tender and fresh, and the paratha (Indian fried bread) was tasty without being greasy.  Yum!
For the sides Brewer Half ordered meat samosas and I ordered fishcakes.  We were served 5 samosas and 4 fishcakes, a good portion for the price (£2.99)! The fishcakes were tasty and fresh, but the samosas were the stand-out STARter!  Spicy chopped meat with indian spices, fresh dough, deep fried but not oily.  I think that was one of the best parts of Kati Wok, everything was fried (as street food is!) but nothing was oily - it was all just well cooked.
I ordered an Afgan Chicken Kati Roll.  I could have done with more spice, but that's because I'm a spice addict.  It was described as "hot and spicy strips of chicken with onions, tomato, ginger and garlic."  I'm not sure if it was that much spicier than the Asian beef, but given the option I'd rather eat flavorsome food than mundane spicy food.  And this was tasty - fresh chicken and fresh herbs.  You can also see half a samosa I bartered from Brewer half - hand made samosas are amazing!
MTB Ben ordered Asian beef noodles and veggie samosas.  MTB Ben ate all the noodles and all the samosas and then made groaning noises because he was too full and then fell asleep.  When I asked MTB ben about the meal, he said "that was good food" It looked like good food before it got devoured (he's devouring as I took the photo!).  MTB Ben notes that the medium sauce is quite hot, and that his noodles were spicy but good.
We all enjoyed our meal at Kati Wok.  Good fresh food at a good price.  The manager, Niaz Taj, clearly had a vision for the type of restaurant he wanted to open, and Kati Wok is a distinctive and unique addition to the many options in Cardiff. The food is fresh - as it says on the website "good food takes longer than 60 seconds."  This is truly good food - good flavors, good preparation, good service, and certainly unique decor!


02920 376222
53 Crwys Road
Cathays, Cardiff
CF24 4ND

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