May 10, 2013

Snack-tastic Sweet Chili Tofu Squares

I used to hate tofu.  Then I learned that tofu is awesome because it is like a vessel for awesome things, like sweet chili sauce.  A vessel with 10 grams of protein per 1/2 cup.

One of my favourite tofu snacks is baked tofu.  It's so easy!  The hardest part is buying tofu, I get mine at the asian grocery.  be sure to get the firm/extra-firm type:
Chop the tofu into roughly equal squares and put them on a baking tray covered with baking paper (for ease of cleaning tray!)
Pour lots of sweet chili sauce all over the tofu, then rub sweet chili sauce all over the tofu, until they are completely sweet chili'd out
Put the tofu in the oven at around 350f/ gas mark 5 / 200c for about 25 minutes, then flip when the edges start to crisp.

Or forget they're in the oven and leave them there for 45 minutes and you end up with this tasty mess
The baking paper means that you don't spend 12 hours cleaning the tray!

These are awesome as a snack by themselves, or you can chuck them into a salad for extra protein and flavor  It's better if you let the sauce soak for a while, but if you're forgetful like me you can chuck the sauce on and put it all in the oven quickly.  Then you can snack away!


  1. I've only ever tried tofu once as I'm not a massive meat fan but need to get my protein in somehow. I tried it fried without sauce and found it pretty 'meh'. My next shopping trip is going to include some more tofu though and I'm going to attempt the baked version with some flavourable sauce!

  2. Awesome let me know how it turns out! I was never a fan of tofu until i tried it this way. When I make it I have to be careful because I could eat the whole packet in one sitting :-)