June 2, 2013

A cycle-tastic Weekend

This weekend I had the most awesome 4 day weekend!

Thursday was lazy, but Friday all the exercise started!  I took a nice 12 mile ride into the Vale of Glamorgan to meet a friend for lunch at the fancy Vale Hotel and Resort.
Then I cycled 12 miles home!  Then I got talked into doing a time trial, and so cycled 12 miles to the start of the time trial.

And then I did a time trial!  A time trial is a timed race where you can't draft and you cycle as fast as you can over a certain distance, in this case it's 7.5 miles.  I started 1st and the other 17 racers started after me, 1 minute apart.
I was overtaken by racer 2 and 3 at around the 3 mile mark, and racer 4 at 6 miles, but ended with a pretty good time of 23:50 (18.5mph)
Position number 1 makes me feel like I am awesome but actually it is reserved for the slowest rider....

On Saturday I did park run, and came in with an average 30minutes for the 5k.  Need to run more.

On Sunday I did an AJAX ride.  70 miles long with an average speed of 16mph, 3,000 feet of climbing all done in 4 hours and 20 minutes.  I'm finally moving up in the club rides and feel like a pretty confident "slower middle group" rider as opposed to a "steady" rider.

Here's the Strava:

In total I've cycled 120 miles this weekend, which is a really good result.  And now, I'm tired!  I've got a morning gym session tomorrow and track cycling in the evening so I'm really going for it with this fitness stuff at the moment!

Good start to June!

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