June 5, 2013

I love cycling.

I forgot something a few months ago - I forgot I love cycling.

It was cold and wet and dark, and I was cold and wet and on a bike, and I did not enjoy the rides.

I went out with Ajax a bit, but I was pretty certain that the best part of biking was when I stopped being on a bike.  My favorite part of the sunday ride was finishing the Sunday ride.

However this has changed now!


Because we are having awesome weather here in wales.  A full week of glorious sunshine!

On Monday I tried Track Cycling for the first time - Ajax run sessions and let you borrow bikes for only £2!  The bikes are all fixed wheel and it's a great chance to push until you can't push anymore - if you fall off the back you can get back on when the group comes around again.

We played a load of fun cycling games - sometimes 2 groups would start on opposite sides of the track and try to catch up with the group in front, sometimes a larger group would pursue a smaller and faster group.  There were some silly races at the end (I'm pretty sure I came in last) but all in all it was a really fun session.  With a very silly looking map:

In other news, I found a picture of me getting help putting my "race" number on from the Barnardos ride:

And here's a picture of me from Saturdays Parkrun!
This is one of the better running photos I've seen of myself.  It was right next to one of the most horrific running photos I've seen of myself.  But also, it's better than the first parkrun photo of me (which is also a bit horrific!)
Sunshine is meant to be ending next week... then it's going to be raining again :( So I better enjoy while I have the chance!

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