June 9, 2013

Brewer Half's Half Brewed Reviews: NP10 from Tiny Rebel Brewery

I wrote this post a while back, but this weekend was an exciting one for the Tiny Rebel Brewery as they made a clean sweep of the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival, picking up gold, silver, and bronze!  It was also an exciting one for me, as I drank 2 NP10s at the Tiny Rebel takeover of Fire Island which is one more 10% beer than I can really handle.  A good weekend for Tiny Rebel and a good weekend for me too!

The other day Brewer Half and I decided to co-write a beer review.  That lasted about 3 minutes until I remembered how bossy I am.  So instead we each decided to write two reviews of the same beer.  And that beer was...

NP10 from Tiny Rebel Brewery!

Without further adoooo.....

The Brewer Half's Half Brewed Review!

As soon as I heard that Tiny Rebel were going to make a Belgian-style beer, I was eager to give it a go. Attempting this style of beer, which is one of the pinnacles of brewing craft, is brave and possibly foolish, and I wanted to see what Tiny Rebel had to offer. 

A rich fruity nose, with hints of banana and mango, instantly recall the Belgian Trappist style of beer. The head was initially thick and creamy, but not very long-lasting. 

For the style, this has a very light, fruity body, and initial heavy fruit flavours give way to an almost citrus finish.  High carbonation adds a little pepperyness to the flavour, and leaves a lingering fruity sparkle in the mouth. Hop flavours are almost non-existant, only adding a little punch to the initial fruity bite, and gently fading away.

Lingering fruit flavours remind of the great beer just tasted.

Packs a powerful alcoholic punch, and there is much less of the heavy, malty body usually present in this style, but is a refreshing change because of it.

This is one of my favourite beers Tiny Rebel have produced. This is most definitely a Belgian style strong ale, but instead of trying to reproduce it exactly, they knew when to deviate from the style and add their own light, citrus-fruit twist. It shows a great versatility of the Tiny Rebel brewers, in contrast to a large number of their other, hop-heavy beers (not that I'm complaining, I love hops!).

And now my review too, because I can write a about beer too (maybe)

NP10 greets you with clear deep yellow tones and a subtle head that disappears almost instantly.  On first whiff it smells rich, like tropical fruits, mango or banana.

It hits the tongue with a sparkling burst of fizz, slightly sweet and lightly carbonated.

The taste is bright and fresh - clears the palette quickly but with the lingering taste of a well made high ABV.  If I didn't know better I would think NP10 is a fine belgian beer - there is no aftertaste, just the subtle bitterness that make you want another sip.  It hits the pallet evenly, a prefect balance of flavours.  Slightly spicy, slighly sweet, lightly carbonated.  You can taste the hops but it's not overbearing - balanced is the word I come back to sip after sip.

Too many sips and I'll think of more words - at 10% this beauty is STRONG!

Tiny Rebel have it spot on with NP10.  It's one of the finest Belgium-style beers I've tasted - it's everything good from Belgium with everything great about Tiny Rebel.  It's also a clear departure from their other beers, with a real emphasis on the subtle balance rather than the hoppy treats like FUBAR.

I will certainly be enjoying a lovely NP10 again!  Good thing it's a bit pricey (£4 a bottle!) as I could easily enjoy a few too many..

Tiny Rebel

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