June 13, 2013

Ajax Cardiff Summer Club 10 Time Trial Series (7.4 mile TT) - attempt 2

A few weeks ago the Summer series of the time trials started.  Time trials are a cycling things where you cycle a certain distance as fast as you can.  Then you do that same distance again the next week, and the week after.

The first week they set me off first, and I did my 7.4 miles in 24:50.  It was hard.

The second week they set me off first again, but this time I had three female riders following me.  Every one sets off a minute apart, which means that if you get passed whichever rider passes is that many minutes ahead.  My competitive nature sprung up more than before and I didn't want to get passed.

I was flying on the way out, my speedo was reaching 26mph and I was gunning it down the hills.  On the turn around I was hit by a blast of wind, and realized why the outward was so easy - the wind was now pushing me back and I was struggling to keep above 17mph on the flats.
On the final hill the first rider overtook me - but it wasn't one of the three girls, it was Ben, who had started in 5th and was now 4 minutes ahead of me and making silly faces:
I really didn't want to be passed again so I pushed hard  and was positively gasping when I crossed the finish line:
I knocked a minute off my time and came in at 23:40, which was about 18mph for the whole route.  The Time Trials run all summer and are only £3 to enter, they happen on Friday nights which is awesome for keeping me out of the pub!

Unfortunately this week I havent got my motivation back and have not been out since that time trial, but next week I am back on track and will try and knock another minute off my time next Friday!

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  1. 7.4 miles in 22:40 is almost exactly 20 mph. Give yourself more credit!