June 19, 2013

Running, Mary Kate Olson, and Cake (a Wednesday Post)

I am not going to lie to you people, I am having an awesome week.

Actually I think I'm having a fairly normal week, but having just come home from cycling and eaten a load of tasty food I am being a revisionist historian and having an awesome week!

Yesterday I convinced myself to go for a run.  I have done very little running this month.  My legs felt very heavy from track cycling.  But I still forced myself to go out.  I was slow, and I gave up after 3.3 miles.  Then I tried again, and gave up after .5 miles.  But it's still much better for me than not running at all!

While procrastinating on running I took this picture.

Cardiff is sooo pretty!!!

Then this morning I went to the gym with personal trainer GERAINT!  It was good, gym is hard, 7:30am is early.  I'm doing the bench press with the routine now! I do 4 sets of 8 reps with 44lbs (20kg) but I think I can do more.

I used to like the bench press a lot and it was always my goal to press 77 pounds 

Why 77 pounds?

Because that's the weight Mary Kate Olson was when she went into rehab in 2004!
Yup, I've always (since 2004) dreamed of bench pressing that gap-mouthed 90's twin.  

But that's a tangent!  Tonight I went cycling with Cardiff Tri.

Cycing with Cardiff Tri was fun.  I am not a good sprinter, and I can only hold onto fast people's wheels for so long, and it's not long enough.  But the boys let me try to hold the wheel for a while before I would fall off and wait for the lights.  It was good training, but now I am so tired I'm debating whether I have the energy to eat cake....

Debate over, of course I have the energy to eat cake!!

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