June 7, 2013

La Creperie de Sophie - Crepes and Cider night

The Brewer half and I attended the Crepes and Cider night at Creperie de Sophie.  I saw it advertised when I went for lunch the other week and it looked like a fun way to spend an evening in town - a 3 course crepe meal and cider for £18
On the night we were greeted with a glass of Cider each, served in a mug
More cider could be purchased for £6.50 per bottle - we ordered 2 more that evening.  It would have been nice to have a little more cider included in the £18, but £6.50 for a bottle wasn't too steep (it was apparently on offer that night)

We were brought out a plate of Crepe appetizers
Brewer half loved them - delicious selection of chutney and cheese, chicken and cheese, and cheese and ham.  Yum!  We were quite hungry by the time we ordered!

Brewer half order the Paysan - Garlic mushrooms, herbs, cheddar cheese and red onions
I had that one last time so ordered the Barn instead - Egg, cheese, onion, and leaves
Again they were cooked to perfection.  Crunchy, tasty, melty, savory crepes. Delicious with a nice teacup of cider too!
For dessert we were given 3 options, Brewer half picked chocolate-banana-almond for him and chocolate-strawberry-almond for me.  So decadent!

I couldn't believe I was able to eat all the crepe - I'm sure that's about a weeks worth of calories but it was all oh-so good.  It was also nice to be in what felt like a "secret" restaurant - there were only about 16 of us there and each table was served one after the other.  I was amazed they got the food out so quick, also there was definitely a wait between the first and last table to be served.  Luckily we were first.  Crepes don't really lend themselves to set service - since you can really only make a few at a time.  Still the 2 staff did really well to keep everyone well fed and happy.

Before desert we did a little quiz and the manager told us about the history of La Creperie de Sophie.  Apparently they are becoming quite the pancake empire soon!  We were all given a little bag of pancake mix to take home and try, and the team that won the quiz got a bottle of cider for free.  

At the end of the night they also let us make our own crepes!  Brewer half gave it a go and I documented the event:
His crepe didn't turn out too bad!  It was a little soggy in the middle though, but maybe eventually Brewer Half will be Crepe-making Half?!  Though Brewer Half does have a better ring to it.

It was a good night and we certainly had our fair share of crepes to enjoy!  I would recommend booking a place on the next night if you can - it's definitely a unique evening in Cardiff!

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  1. I love Creperie de Sophie! Was so happy when they opened the restaurant as I already knew their stall on the Riverside Market.
    Need to go back soon...