June 20, 2013

The Divine Things In Life - Yoga and Divine Mint and Dark Chocolate

Today was a rest day, sort of.  I haven't been to Yoga forever and decided to give it a go. Even though all I wanted to do at 6pm was lie in bed and/or watch TV I dragged myself into ridiculous yoga clothes and headed down to Daves Gym for Yoga with Tori.
I figured once I was dressed like a person who was going to do Yoga I would feel more like a person who was going to do yoga.  It kind of worked.  BTW, the Yoga Pants there are from Old Navy, the number 1 clothes store that I miss from America.

Yoga with Tori was, as always, amazing.  Tonight we did loads of stretches for shoulders and quads and hamstrings.  It's like she knew I've been cycling and tailored the class to me!

After Yoga I came home and cooked myself an oven-dinner, as my hobs are currently not working.  Tonights oven dinner was rather two-toned:
Piri-piri chicken, grilled pepper, and tomato with balsamic vinegar.  It tasted like a healthy dinner, so I had to top it off with something else....
Brewer half is away with work at the moment, so I ate all the rest of our fancy chocolate.  This one was especially good!  Divine Chocolate do some fantastic chocolates, this Mint and Dark Chocolate combo is stunning - I love mint and I love dark chocolate.  We bought this one from Spice of Life last week, so it's good going we didn't eat it all on day 1!

In other news, I'm debating whether to enter the Caerphilly 10k this weekend.  Weather is looking rubbish but running in the rain is better than cycling in the rain!!

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