June 17, 2013

Dark Chocolate and swimming: an update on my weekend.

I had a week off exercise.  It was fun.  I went to Scotland with work and I did work and I did not exercise at all.  I tried to eat healthy but I also ate a whole bar of dark chocolate because Asda sold me what I thought was a bar of 70% dark chocolate but was actually 70% cocoa solids and 30% crunchy bits of sugar and it tasted amazing.  In A bad way.  I like my chocolate dark... so dark.

How dark?  This dark:
On Sunday I overslept the Ajax ride so went to swim practice with Cardiff Tri instead.  Apparently my plan of not swimming for 6 months while everyone else swims loads for 6 months did not make me any better of a swimmer.  I was the slowest person in the slowest group.  I'm pretty sure a dude with 1 arm lapped me 3 times. 

I might by my parents this shirt, if I can find the right gendered one:
It was interesting because usually I kind of like all the exercise I do, but I really did not like the swimming at all.  However I now want to swim more, which is possibly a strange reaction.

In douch-y swimming news, I need to learn how to breathe bilaterally, before my clicky shoulders fall off entirely.

Did you know swimming was super complicated?  Look at this picture.  This is complicated:
And today I went track cycling again.  I did not crash.  I did not get a PB.  I cycled for 20 miles in a circle.  It was pretty fun.

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