December 25, 2023

Christmas morning random thoughts

7am appears to be my blogging time. I’ll take it!

(Isaac putting together his Hannukah Lego)

It’s Christmas morning and I am currently in bed with Nora sleeping on me and Audrey grumbling (but I think sleeping) in the bedside cot. Since the horror of two nights ago the babies have slept pretty well for two nights… so well that last night their second feed moved from 5am to 6:15 which put it a bit too close to their wake up (7:30) but too far from their wake up time to actually let them wake up. Hence… being stuck. And writing a blog.

And yes, I am aware that I might seem like a loony tune with my talk of baby wake up times and schedules. This is not something I did with either Isaac or Lilah. But I have too many kids and too many babies to be schedule-less so we have a defined start to babies day and a defined routine to their day. Otherwise it work be chaos… or even more chaos. If that’s possible.

For whatever reason this is the first Christmas where we are really doing Christmas things. I blame Lilah - she is far too observant. When Isaac was 3 he wanted grapes and banana for Christmas. We went to Sainsbury’s and bought them both. He had other presents and the first thing he opened was a book, which caused him to start wailing because he wanted grapes and banana. We directed him to grapes and banana and he opened it, then wanted to eat it right away. 

This year Lilah is 3 and she has told us that she wants Santa to bring her a baby dolls house and a scooter. We are in the interesting position of trying to decide what our family Christmas traditions will be. I don’t want to do Santa - it’s not something I grew up with. I grew up with only Hannukah. I love Christmas lights and trees and the festivities of Christmas but the actual day has little meaning to me. Andy didn’t do Santa as a kid either, but he did not go to the same nursery and school the kids did. Nursery and school are very into the Santa thing.

My idea is to tell the kids that Santa only visits people who haven’t had 8 presents for Hannukah already. I think that’s very fair. 

The kids have a couple of small things under the tree - a megasketcher for lilah and Lego for Isaac, plus 2 games we found at the charity shop. Hopefully we can open some presents this morning but after I get downstairs, as much as cuddling babies is nice I’m a bit sad to miss the kids first cognisant Christmas morning.

There is always next year! This year has felt like A trial for next years Christmas. I’ve been able to do so little. Next year I want to eat far more mince pies. I want to do more Christmas kid art, go to Christmas fayre and tree lightings and carols.  I want to see more friends. I want to look at more Christmas lights. 

I want to be remembering baby time with the glow of not experiencing it. And hopefully I’ll be enjoying the chaos of two 14 month olds (omg we are going to have to fortify our house) and a 4 and 6 year old. I think next year will be fun


  1. I like your explanation about Santa only going to the kids who haven't gotten 8 presents already.

    This is the first time in I don't know how many years that the boys spent Christmas Eve at our house. I think it's literally been 5 years. Back then they got up bright and early on Christmas morning for presents. This year it's almost 10:30 and they're still in bed. Sigh.

  2. Bananas and grapes - haha! I can't even. This is so funny and also amazing.

    You have so many exciting and special Christmases ahead. I had a 1-month old one year at Christmas and it was such a time vortex and blur (both kids were sick over that Christmas). This year (they're now 12 and 9) is was so much different than those early years of parenting and, not gonna lie, I think I like the older stage Christmases better. Much more relaxing!!!

  3. Your Santa idea sounds very fair. And I love how you are looking ahead to next year. It does sound like it will be super fun.

  4. I feel tired just from reading. I remember those early days, and that with ONE baby at a time. You have two. Much admiration your way my friend.

  5. Oh, figuring out the Christmas tradition is hard (especially if you didn't grow up with it and now you're trying to combine two holidays somehow) and adding not one, but two newborns is probably a challenge. I am impressed on how you're handling it all.