December 5, 2023

Christmas Movie Countdown: B&B merry

No one is getting much sleep at the moment. We have passed a new parenting milestone here… on Thursday just after settling babies at 2am my bedroom door burst open and the five year old yelled “I’m going to be sick” and proceeded to be sick on my floor. I run upstairs to get Andy while holding a baby and trying to be nice to the upset 5 year old but also keeping distance from germs… and mentally lamenting the fact that the toilet was equidistant to the bedroom carpet and I really would have preferred Isaac use the toilet. Oh well… our new carpets were going to be less new someday.

Isaac was mostly better by 5am but usually 2-5 is my sleep time. Fast forward to Monday… Andy came upstairs to get me at 11pm (we split sleep and twins right now, I sleep from around 9 to midnight and Andy gets the midnight till kid wake up shift) carrying a baby who hasn’t settled and informing me that the three year old has been sick in her bed. I thought I was going to be feeding a baby to sleep, instead I was changing a bed and consoling the three year old… while trying to keep distance and wash my hands a lot.

She was up from 11Pm to 6am. There was very very little sleep. I started laundry at 2am. Thank god for the drier. It was only after the 2nd sheet change that I remembered we could put a towel down on the bed rather than new sheets each time. Thankfully L seems on the mend now too.

And then there has just been bad nights of baby sleep. Babies up every two hours… but alternating hours. With twins, one sleeping baby is no sleeping babies.

So in 20 to 30 minute chunks, spread out 2-4 times a night, I have really been getting through the Christmas line up.

B&B Merry

I thought this was the squeaky girl from Superstore and the boy from A Christmas Wish for Daisy but it turns out everyone just looks the same. This movie had some amazing dialogue like
Boy: when my dad died I decided to take over the B&H
Girl: sounds like it had been a really hard time for your family
Boy: thank you for recognising that

I need to incorporate “thank you for recognising that” more.

This movie was nice because there basically was no drama at all. It was just watching a bunch of pretty people do nice stuff. Lots of trees. Lots of Christmas decorations. Lots of tiny problems all solved by a Christmas dance. 

I give this movie two Christmas trees๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry your older kids are sick. I hope the twins don't catch it, or you either obviously.

    I wanted to watch Office Christmas Party but I have to pay $3.99 to stream it here. Not sure I'm willing to do that, but maybe. I watched 2 'Christmas' movies, though since I don't have babies it was daylight. I watched 'Family Stone' which was OK, and 'While You Were Sleeping', which was lame. Sigh.

    1. Thank you! Yes I am really hoping I manage to avoid this one and obviously the babies too.

      I would not pay for office Christmas party… but I am very cheap and do not like to pay for entertainment. It’s free with my Netflix here… none of the films I’ve seen so far are with paying for on their own. -rachel

    2. Also I think I’ve seen family stone before and don’t remember liking it that much. I’ve never seen while you were sleeping

  2. I am not a fan of Family Stone, but it is a popular Christmas movie!?

    Ugh. This is so much to juggle at once. And there is very little on this earth harder to deal with than puking kids. Throw in infant TWINS and my goodness, I am just so proud of you for showing up and writing about it. I would be in a fetal position in the corner.

    This made me laugh: "This movie was nice because there basically was no drama at all. It was just watching a bunch of pretty people do nice stuff. Lots of trees. Lots of Christmas decorations. Lots of tiny problems all solved by a Christmas dance." Lots of tiny problems all solved by a Christmas dance...hahaha. I am REALLY craving the Hallmark vibe this year, and hope to watch one with the kids later today. They had a snow day yesterday and a 1/2 day today and despite scaling back work my week is crazy...but I really feel like I need to see tiny problems solved by dancing <3

    1. I was thinking of your blog and the line "there will be a time after this" recently a lot. It's a nice thing to consider when the season/hour/moment is somewhat dark! Thanks for your openness about hard seasons - I am looking forward to the time after this.

  3. 4 kids under 5... I can see how that can be taxing. Uff. I am sending hugs.