December 2, 2023

On having it all.

Today I made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, which we served with apples and yogurt.  Then I used the rest of the canned pumpkin to make pumpkin muffins for Isaac to eat in school.  For lunch kids had scrambled eggs in tortillas.  Andy is currently making this enchilada sauce for this quinoa bake we are having tomorrow.

As I did this cooking explosion I realized that if I had Instagram I might be a person who looks like they have it all together with tiny babies.  A relatively clean house! A decorated christmas tree! Home-cooked meals for all the kids! Babies napping on a rough schedule! Laundry don every day!

However I have also decided intentionally not to do things.  I haven't driven anywhere with the twins.  I haven't taken them further than the local village (15 minute walk).  I haven't dressed them in anything more than one piece sleep-suits.  I haven't had many visitors.  I haven't signed up for baby classes.  I haven't been to a cafe or had a meal or drink siting down outside my house.  I haven't tried to tandem baby-wear. I haven't fed them outside the home.  I haven't tried to do any exercise. 

When people have come by they've often remarked on how tidy my house is, and I've joked that if you take away sleep and work and leaving the house then it's fairly easy to keep a tidy home.  But all these things are trade offs.  I can think of a million things I'm not doing for every 1 thing I am.

Anyways, I'm glad I don't use Instagram.

Now that you know everything we don't do, here are some photos of our recent adventures to set up a Christmas tree


  1. I love the family photos! I also love that you posted some pumpkin things, as I opened a large can and now need to use it up, so I need suggestions. Pumpkin pancakes sound perfect! I also have two more cans to use, so bring it on!

    I am sure that you probably don't have it "all together" but you have it together enough! I don't think you need to be perfect by any means, and I sometimes resent IG for making people think otherwise! I do applaud you for getting a tree up etc. as I have decided to bask in the holidays at other people's houses and not do anything with my own!

  2. You're doing great, Rachel... and even if you don't think you have it all, you have a lot together :) You do whatever works for you and your family in this season of life :)