December 27, 2023

Goals time! a 2023 year in review

I've managed to do a tiny amount of thinking about 2024 goals, mostly because I am enjoying imagining what I want my life to be like next December.  

Last year I had a lot of goals, and looking back I achieved many of them.  I'm not going to run down every one here (there were a lot!) but let's look at some big wins and misses shall we?


  • We finally wrote our will! We haven't yet told everyone in the will the details of the will, or where to find the will, but we wrote it.  Goal for 2024 is to actually send the email to everyone.
  • I ran a 5k. It was very slow, but I did it
  • I got British citizenship
  • We threw a party for our friends (it was Isaac's 5th birthday, but it counts!)
  • I continued blogging
  • I watched two movies (goal was to watch 1) - Glass Onion and the Weird Al story
  • I read 60 books (goal was 50). A lot of my book reading happened in 3rd tri pregnancy when i couldn't sleep between 11pm and 4am every day, so although this seems like an accomplishment I don't feel the need to repeat it, at least in the way it was achieved this year)
  • Send holiday cards was the goal - we did birth announcements instead (that counts, right?)
  • I continued the kids photo albums and the family photo albums.  I started the Audrey & Nora albums - for at least the first year of life the twins are getting the same album.  Sorry twin blog readers if this doesn't seem fair, but they don't really do much without each other right now.
  • I continued our monthly budget tracking

Not yets/Not evers:

  • Potty train Lilah - this was going well until Isaac started school and we had twin babies.  She knows how to use the toilet, and she uses the toilet in nursery, but at home she likes nappies and we are going with it for now (she still uses the toilet for the important thing... three year olds have higher standards than babies
  • Regular Yoga practice.  I did some yoga, then got pregnant. I think I would be a better person if I did more yoga, but I'm not sure this is the year of yoga either.
  • Learn more about ACT.  I got some books on this and then I didn't bother reading them. I think I would rather read around it than actually learn it.
  • See a show. We did not do this.  I was too pregnant at the end of the year, and I have to both find the show and find the childcare.  Sadly I'm not sure 2024 will be the year for this either.  Someday!
  • Visit 4 castles.  I don't think this happened.  It turns out I like the idea of visiting castles more than I like visiting them.  Also, we only have 3 interesting castles around us, and I end up visiting the same ones all the time.  Someday I will go on a big castle tour with Isaac to further away and more interesting castles.
  • Read one professional development book a month.  This is a lot of professional development.  I did not do this, but I read some.  

I had some major wins this year, and some minor "maybe later/maybe nevers".  The citizenship and will are two pretty major accomplishments - both happened early in the year.  Obviously having twin babies is a pretty big accomplishment as well... but I think surviving 8 weeks with baby twins is a bigger accomplishment than actually giving birth to them. 


  1. Haha; this cracked me up-> surviving 8 weeks with baby twins is a bigger accomplishment than actually giving birth to them.

    My Mom is a twin; I am not sure how my grandmother did it! I think surviving 8 weeks and then several years is probably the hardest part! On one hand, they do entertain themselves/each other once they get a little older; on the other, there are two of everything! You are going to do great.

    As far as the other goals go, yay for the will and congrats on the citizenship! That is wonderful news and I am sure it was a long process to get there. I am pretty much excited to eventually get Global Entry (which almost feels like trying to get citizenship) so I am sure that actual citizenship is a huge weight off your shoulders.

  2. 2023 was an incredible year for you! It has to feel good to have the will done and the citizenship is huge. And oh yes babies!!!!

  3. I love the goal of watching 1 movie. I think we also managed 2 this year (Knives Out and Barbie).
    And I remember thinking during transition this time, when my midwives were encouraging me, that if/once I got Arden out then I would have to take care of her and I wasn't looking forward to that at all, as the fourth trimester was by far the worst part last time (and that's saying a lot). So huge kudos to you for making it this far!

  4. YES. Surviving eight weeks with twins! You are rocking it! And sounds like you really accomplished a lot this year! What a year.

  5. Oh, you got British citizenship. I am assuming, you were able to just pick up a second, not drop your US citizenship, right? Was there a specific reason for it?

    You've been doing so great last year with so many changes happening. And yes, kudos for surviving 8 weeks with twins (and two kids!).