December 18, 2023

Plans, Routines, Adjustments

Today we are 7 week into this twin baby thing.  

I was told that twin families are exceptionally organized and I thought "hey, I can do that!" but some of the things we've had to change actually involve less organization.  Here are some recent changes:

FLOM: we don't have evenings anymore (I feed babies at 6pm, come downstairs to help with clear up at 7, and go to bed at 8) so we do a truncated FLOM on Thursdays.  We also use FLOM to review everything we can't in the week since we so rarely get a chance to casually sort out anything midweek.  So the Any Other Business topics can range from "should I buy reduced sugar ketchup or regular ketchup (sweeteners? Sugar? chemicals? akk!)" to "What is the plan for Christmas"  

Lunches: Isaac loved packed lunches.  I think it's partly due to the hip Planet Box lunch boxes we bought, and partially because school lunches included vegetables.  In Wales they brought in free school lunches for all primary age kids this year, but when Isaac requested packed lunch we started packing lunch in the  morning.  Turns out, it was too much.  Last week I told Isaac he was having school lunch now.  Not packing lunches has massively improved our morning

Hummus: we eat a lot of hummus. I like to make my own because it's super easy and fairly cheap.  Tahini, Chickpeas, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Salt, Olive Oil.  I could make hummus in less than 5 minutes.  I didn't mind if the kids ate it by the spoonful.  However... it was too much. So now we buy store bought hummus.  It's got a few more ingredients.  It's ok.

Laundry: Everything goes in at 40 now.  Everything gets tumble dried.  If it doesn't survive... oh well.  I only wear breastfeeding tops anyways now and this is the last time I'll need them and I only plan to wear them for another few months.  We do 1-2 loads a day (1 if by myself, 2 if I have help).  I don't have time for sorting or hanging.

Meal Plan: We don't plan meals to days anymore.  Every day is something from the freezer (We are still eating food provided by friends, and our meal box from Cook), and once a week Andy *maybe* makes something like pasta carbonara or scrambled eggs.  Kids are eating the following on rotation for every meal:
Starch: Potato/Pasta/Bread.
Protein: Fish Fingers/Chicken Nuggets/Beans/Eggs. 
Other: Fruit.

Hair: I'm not going to even comment on my current hair situation. Lilah captured it pretty well in this drawing:

(also, proofreading.  I wasn't great before, but thanks for sticking with my atrocious typo-heavy blog!)


  1. I love the drawing of your hair!! I am not sure how you even find time to shower, so I guess you just have to pick your battles these days! What are you doing for Christmas? I imagine going out and about with six is much more difficult than it was with four! My coworker attended a dinner party with our team when her son was just barely born (maybe a month or so) and she was such a trooper but she spent most of the time in a spare room, breastfeeding and rocking and whatnot. We didn't mind, but I did feel for her, as she probably did not get to enjoy anything while it was hot. I am sure you can relate.

    1. Honest gross answer to the start of your post... I shower on Fridays... and sometimes Sundays.

      For Christmas I am at home the whole time. When I had my first baby I went to my work's christmas party when he was about 8 weeks old and although it was nice to see everyone I was so very very tired. This year will be a very low key Christmas at home - we've ordered a Christmas dinner we only need to reheat in the oven.

      Next year I'm planning on riding bikes around the neighborhood on Christmas eve to look at lights (if it's not pouring rain). We have two bike seats which the twins will be big enough for and by then I think Isaac and Lilah should both be on pedal bikes.

    2. Lights on bikes sounds fun! My parents were just in town and we were going to walk around but it got late so we drove...but it was so fun to go and look at lights!

  2. These adjustments all sound super reasonable and I'm glad you have been able to find ways, here and there, to make life easier. Also, if it makes you feel ANY better, your kids' meals are pretty much what my daughter eats every day of her life. Except the only starch she will eat is white rice.

    You are clearly doing an excellent job.

    That drawing is spectacular.

    1. Thank you! I know that the kids are enjoying their new diet... but I would love for them to eat a vegetable someday.

  3. Uff. I can imagine it's hard to figure it all out with new routines. Lots of adjustments for sure. I am thoroughly impressed you still find time to share with us right now.