December 16, 2023

Saturday rambling

I finished two books recently.  The audio of Tom Lake was AMAZING.  Meryl Streep is amazing.  I'm not sure if I'm biased beause it's recent or because it is all the rage on the internets right now but Tom Lake is one of my favourite books this year and definitely my favorite audiobook.

I also read Yellowface.  Interesting read.  Not the best thing ever but certainly thought provoking.  Good characters too.  I'm wondering if the Poppy War trilogy is worth reading too?  Also how is the author (RF Kuang) only 27 years old??  Cambridge, Yale, and Oxford Educated.  Some people are a different calibre of human.

I'm now at 59 books for the year and almost done with American Royals IV so this will be a 60 book year.  I wonder what next year will bring?

I'm starting to cultivate my TBR list for 2024.  Loving all the best-of lists that people are posting.

Also, it's a weekend.  This morning I left the twins with Andy and went to the store with Lilah to buy nappies.  They grew into size 1 slowly and out quickly.  I think this is what babies do.. move quickly and then slowly.  It wasn't the most exciting outing but it was great to get away from babies for a while.  Two babies every day is a lot of babies for a lot of days.

Tomorrow Isaac and Lilah have a playdate at a friend's house and Andy and I are home with twins. We could do anything??!  Well, anything within a 3 hour cycle of feeds.

Isaac is currently using star stickers and washi tape to decorate a nappy box.  Lilah is driving a lego car across a twin feeding pillow.  Andy took the twins out for a walk.  And I got a blog post written!

Better than yesterday, when kids were chaos and Dolly (Lilah) knocked over the Christmas tree.  This is why we got a small tree and decorated it with cheap plastic decorations of no sentimental value:

Happy Saturday!


  1. Hmmm...I do not know if I am up for a pandemic novel, but everyone RAVES about Tom Lake. What should I do? I do need a new audiobook...

    1. I am so not up for pandemic novels, but the pandemic was not really a focus of the novel (imho). In fact I didn’t realize it was a pandemic novel untill further in than makes sense… although that might be sleep deprivation. I would give the audio book a try, I want Meryl Streep to narrate my life now.

    2. -Rachel (because I can’t figure out how to comment under my name off my phone)

  2. I feel like I am the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET WHO DID NOT LOVE TOM LAKE. It is making my angsty. I actually DNF it. Maybe I should try again? Or listen to the audiobook version?

    And our tree actually fell down this year; thankfully, only a handful of sentimental ornaments were damaged and I was able to Krazy Glue them back together.

    1. I knew there was a blogger whose tastes I liked who DNF Tom Lake! I think I would not have liked it if I had tried to read it. Meryl Streep's narration is what did it for me. It also took me a while to get into, but stakes were low (I have a lot of awake time) and I started liking it more and more. I'm not sure that would have happened if I was reading it.

      I read about your tree falling! So glad it wasn't worse. Poor Darth Vader...