December 17, 2012

A Sunday Ride

On Sunday I went out with Cardiff Ajax for a Sunday "social" ride.  At 9:30 the fast group shot off, with fast people who do the fast pose when not riding.

Ben is in the fast group.  He sits on his bike like a fast person, but he should have one foot clipped in. He's still fast though, so his foot can be unclipped, I guess:

When the fast group left they then called the middle group, followed shortly with the steady (read: slow) group.  Normally I go with the steady group, but they were only doing 30 miles this week, and I wanted a bit more of a challenge.  So off I went with the middle group. This is what we did:

Yes, that indeed is about 60 miles in 4 hours.  It was hard.  At the cake stop I ate a cheese pasty, which is like cheese and potato in a flakey butter pastry.  It's delicious.  In order to not suffer the terrible energy crash later I ate a snickers as soon as I got home, followed by a big plate of pasta.  And then I slept for about 2 hours, had a big glass of chocolate milk, and went out to Dinner to say goodbye to my housemate.  There I had a most delicious giant burger, and chunky wedges, and sticky toffee pudding.  It was the best I've done at not having a post-ride washout day, where I just feel tired and grumpy and exausted all day.  I know the rides will get easier, and I'm sure my consumption is not the beacon of recovery eating, but it's better than last week where I cried, fell asleep, woke up, and then felt sick to my stomach for a whole day.

Anyways today I was pretty sure there was a problem with my bike as it was moving really slowly on the way to work, but I think the problem is with my legs, so I had an evening off.  Tomorrow the Cardiff Triathlon group is doing water polo after the swim training so I'm looking forward to that!  Also looking forward to home made soup and fishcakes for lunch!

Also, with the addition of overshoes (Silly shoe covers that keep my feet warm while cycling) I now have everything I need to look like a real lycra-clad cyclist!  Check it out!

Andy took this photo.  I wonder if as a 6 foot and change boyfriend he always sees my head as being almost as large as my legs.  Perspective is strange!

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