December 20, 2012

Wednesday is Gym Day!

I go to the gym.  I go to the gym once a week, with my gym buddy Geraint, who is awesome.  I call him my personal trainer because he sets what we do, and then he does it well, and then I complain.  I complain a lot.  Geraint has not yet stopped inviting me to the gym, so I think our parasitic gym relationship might actually be a symbiotic one.  Geraint is very strong, and he lifts heavy weights, and now I am going to learn how to lift weights.

FACT: Geraint is one of the few people in the world with a nicer smile than me.  If that's not a brag-compliment, I don't know what is.
This is me and Geraint, not at the gym.

Our gym is very cheap and full of people wearing football gear, which is odd becasue none of them are playing football.  I recently started lifting weights - our current routine is as follows:

Rower: 500 Meter Sprint

Deadlift (20kg) 15 sets
Lunges (10 kg) 10 each leg

Clean & Press (15kg) 10 sets
Bent over Rows (15kg) 10 sets

Bicep Curls (12kg) 10 sets
Upright Row (12kg) 10 sets

Chest Press (7.5 kg each side) 10 sets
Push Ups (I can't actually do a push up, but the routine calls for 10)

Tricep Extention (EZ Bar* with 1.25 each side) 10 sets
Bench Dips (10)

Ab crunch bench - 15
Plank - 45 seconds

Repeat three times.

Geraint does this 4 times a week.  I do it once a week and it hurts!  but good hurt.  I guess.  Of all the things in the list, the two hardest are Plank and Push Ups.  I can't do a push up.  I can do lots of "girl" push ups, and occasionally I can do a star push up, but no push ups.


Also, I never stretch, ever, so that's probably why I feel so awesome in the morning, and by awesome I mean sore, and by sore I mean kind of not awesome.  WOULD IT KILL ME TO STRETCH? Probably not

NEW GOAL: Stretch after weights


*I don't know why they call it the EZ bar because it is not at all easy!


  1. Keep posting. It gives me something to do at midnight.

  2. PS--I do planks for 30 seconds then do 5 pushups, and I am really old and decrepit.