December 24, 2012

A christmas eve cycle and some Christmas-y presents!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  Today it was only mildly rainy, so I got on the bike for a little jaunt to try out my new cycling gear!  My dad bought me a very exciting selection of base layers and other awesomeness, I now own the complete DHB set, including the ever sexy cycling bib:
Bibs are the new Little black dress!

I also now own the following Merino base layers:
So warm! So quality! So comfy!

Unfortunately my gear to idea ratio is a bit high now - I have more cycling gear than skill.  But if not being cold (or riding in the rain) count as skills then I'm moving forward rapidly!
Yay more cycling!  Thumbs up for base layers!

After the ride we stopped at Maindy track, purely so I could finish my goal of not being The Slowest Rachel.  It worked, and now I'm 8th of the ladies, with 3 ladies slower than me.  Horray!
I need to adjust my mudguards, because I broke them on the first ride and now I come home looking like this:

hahaha poopy butt!

Anyways, now it's time for a massive house clean and a delicious dinner of discount M&S Salmon with discounted Morrisons ravioli and expensive M&S rocket!  NOM NOM!

Happy Christmas Eve Y'all!

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