December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 review and some 2013 goals!

Happy new year!  2012 was a pretty awesome year!

I got to visit lots of places:

January - Israel

(With Andy) 

 May - Portugal

June - Holland/Belgium/France (cycle touring!)
(With Andy)

July - Morocco
(with my brother Zachary)

August - Rome!
(With Lois and Geraint)

I cycled loads, and acquired my first Road Bike!

I succeeded well in my resolution to buy less crap - I have mostly shopped in charity shops for work clothes and own a good selection of quailty outdoors gear from proper retailers

I've cooked more an eaten better - I learned to cook better asian food (another resolution)

It's been a pretty epic year, but 2013 is gearing up to be even better!  I've made a few resolutions, some fitness, some food, some quite specific.  

My first resolution (more of a goal!) is to learn how to do 10 push ups!!!

Right now I can do...

.... 1/2 a push up.  I can't get back up. 

Any tips for being better at pushups?  Girl pushups are lame and I can do those forever, I think I just need to keep trying for a pushup and eventually I'll... push up!

Happy 2013 y'all!


  1. you went to portugal?!? i didn't know that!!!! details? - tia

    1. Yeah i went it May! It was awesome. you should definitely go. I went to Lisbon but Porto is supposed to be awesome and Portugal has some of the best hostels in the UK! Love it!