December 22, 2012

Park Run Cardiff

Yesterday was Black Friday in the UK.  Black Friday in the UK is much different than Black Friday in the USA.  In the USA it's the day after thanksgiving, when people wake up stupid early for door busting sales and shopping delights.  In the UK, it's the last friday before Christmas, where everyone gets really really wasted after work.  The only difference is that normally British people get really really wasted after dinner - on Black Friday everyone's smashed by 8pm.

I was not smashed at 8pm, but I did eat a lot of oven pizza after I got home from the pub around 9.  When I woke up this morning I did not feel great, but somehow parkrun seemed like a good idea.  Parkrun is a 5k that happens every Saturday at 9am.  I put on my running clothes, grabbed my bike, and cycled to the start by 8:58.

I forgot to check the weather.  This is the weather:

This was my second attempt at Park Run. The first was a cold crisp day - I ran a Rachel Record of 29:30.  Today was very wet, and apparently 5 fine american ales with ABV of 7+ each is not great fuel for running.  I was not last - but mostly because of a slight sprint at the end which put me ahead of 1 person. (edit: actually 8 people - results showed there were people in the 40+ minute time)

This was me at the end - it took me 34:02 and I had a stitch pretty much the whole way.  

The good thing about parkrun is that by 10am I was home, and by 10:30 I was showered and chowing down on this amazing breakfast omlette
Mushroom and onion scramble with salsa, tomato, and avocado! Yum!

The bad thing about Park Run is that it's at 9am on a Saturday.  WHY WOULD ANYONE RUN AT 9AM ON A SATURDAY?

The next one is on Christmas Day - we will see if I can get out of bed any better for that one.  One of these days, I'll try the run without a hangover too.  


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