December 28, 2012

Friday Ride

Happy friday!  I'm still off work for that Christmas - New Years break, so today all I had to do was go see my good friend Jen and her adorable baby in Risca.  I looked on the internet and Risca is only 12 miles from me - "Up the valleys" as they say, so I decided to cycle.

I got ready and looked like a douchy cyclist, wearing my new bib and cold weather gear! So I put on a tee-shirt (from another cycle - the Taff Trail ride 2012) to look less like a douche.

The first bit of the ride was fine, a bit rainy, and unseasonably warm.  

 After the first 8 miles I had a bit of a nightmare when the road became steeper and steeper - apparently there are 2 fairly big hills between Cardiff and Risca.   Here is the elevation chart (the middle bar is 500, the top line is 750):

I took this photo because it was really steep and rocky and horrible and I ended up walking down a mountain about 2 miles.  But the photo looks nice so I'm not sure why I didn't ride down :/
It felt more like this. 

Except with more gravel, and I was walking, and wearing clip shoes, and holding a road bike.

 This is what Risca looked like.
 And this is me thinking "what the hell am I doing:
And this is my bike on the train home, because that ride was 8 miles of ouch and 4 miles of terrible. 

I should do it again sometime, I couldn't ride much worse than I did.  Maybe with a mountain bike next time.

Or a big heaping slice of RULE 5

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