December 12, 2012

Hello again Internets!

So it's been a while eh?  Well my life in Wales has been pretty sweet, I got a job, a boyfriend, a house (that I rent), some good friends, some awesome hobbies, and I went from being penniless and directionless to penniless and owning a nice bicycle.

I wanted to use this blog to talk about my two main interests in life: exercising and eating.  This summer I competed in my first off road Triathlon.  Then I did my second triathlon - a novice tri (300m Swim, 24k bike, 5k run), and came in not last.  Not last was my goal:
That's me coming in not last!

I also do some cycling.  Here is a picture of me after I finished cycling up "the tumble" - a 6 km climb of about 1,300 feet.  I know I just combined metric and imperial, but the point is, it was hard.
Do I look tired?  I felt tired.

And my other hobby/passion/interest is food.  I love food.  I love cooking food and eating food.  And going out to resturants and eating food.  Tonight, my goal is to make some of this:
Carrot Cake Jam.  Yum! 

So hopefully I will use this space to write about food and exercise, which is pretty much my life in Wales!

PS - (Re)starting a blog on December 12th is waaaay less cliche than January 1st!

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