January 1, 2013

January 1st, 2013 - A Walk on the Gower

It didn't stop raining for the last 10 days of 2012.  Every day it rained.  Some days I went for a run in the rain, some days I went for a cycle in the rain.  But by Dec 28th I had enough and I didn't go out in the rain.  I sorted my clothes and I listed things on eBay and I cleaned my kitchen and I slept a lot.  I figured I gave it a good shot - the world was telling me to not exercise and who was I to argue with the weather.

On Dec 31st we sat around a sometimes rainy fire on the Gower - one of the most lovely places in South Wales.  It rained in splotches all evening, but dried around 9pm.  At 12:05 I went to bed, because I am not a party animal.  I hibernate.

When we woke up there was a yellow orb in the sky!  It was blue all around, and green, and not wet at all!  Happy January 1st!

So we went for a bit of a walk:

Ben was our guide.

The sun was out, but it was cold!  I dont think my camera knows how to photograph really white skin in a really bright sun!

There was a sand dune, and some of our group ran up it.  The small black lump is one of our group sliding down it.  I did not have the energy, so I was photographer.

Here's hoping for more SUN in 2013!

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