January 2, 2013

Wednesday Walkies

Today was my last day of vacation (holiday) before I start my new job.

I started the day with Geraint for a weights day - it was hard.  We only did 2 sets and it felt like torture.

I came home and had a tasty healthy breakfast
 Step 1 - put lots of fruit in a bowl
 Step 2 - top with yogurt, muesli, and delicious agave nectar!
 I went for a 4 mile winter walk around Cardiff.  It was gray!
Came home and had my most favorite food - mixed veggie omelet with tomato and avocado side

And now I'm off to see the hobbit!  Trying to detox from christmas sugars but I could really go for some movie sweets....


  1. What happened to my former roommate? I thought your most favorite food was burritos. WHO ARE YOU?!!

  2. Burrito? What is that? I've forgotten the sweet meaty cheesy bean-y wrap that fondles my tastebuds so well. Oh wait, now I remember. Eggs suck. BRING ME MORE BURRITOS!!!

  3. Come to America. We'll fix you up.