January 27, 2013

Swimming Sunday

My birthday was awesome, relaxing and food filled.

The day after was awesome too, I hung out in my house all day and then went for drinks and tapas in the evening.

Sunday I thought I should probably get back to exercising  but I realized how quickly the ennui can set in when activity stops.

Last week I did the following:
Monday: Weights
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: Weights
Friday: nothing
Saturday: nothing

When Sunday rolled around I really didn't want to do anything.  In fact, I couldn't understand how I used to get psyched for exercise.  Everything seemed so hard and effort-ful.

My friends were headed down to the indoor climbing wall, and with little else to do besides putter and avoid exercise I decided to go.  I've not been climbing seriously for about a year so I faffed around top roping some 5 and 5+ and then led a 5+ and then climbed a 6a+ just to prove I could.  Then to a bit of bouldering and some silly strength exercises and I was done.

I've also not been out with the Cardiff Tri Swimming for a while and I decided to rejoin them tonight, for their 90 minute session.  15 minutes in I was tired.  30 minutes in my arms felt like they were falling off.  My 400s became 100s and since we were swimming in an olympic pool the laps were longer and the 100s were shorter, if that makes sense, which it doesn't.  After an hour I gave up and went home.  I don't think I finished my 100s, and I didn't get my 900 meter swim in at all, but I must have done at least a mile of swimming.

And now I'm so tired, and I like being this tired, and I'm looking forward to a weights session with Geraint tomorrow to whip me back into shape!

Oh and a massage - my birthday treat to me.  That's tomorrow as well.

It's been a good weekend!

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