January 10, 2013

Thursday Training

What's that thing where 2 words have the same start?  Like my clever "wednesday workout" post followed by "thursday training".  Anyways, on Thursday I was still away with work, but I managed to AGAIN get down to the hotel gym for an early morning workout.  I also figured out how to log stationary trainer and treadmill on Strava, so now I have a list of workouts such as "stationary bikes are boring" and "treadmills are boring" which they are.

So in an attempt to keep me from getting too bored, I created CARDIO ROUTINE 2 FOR THE GYM!

I'm even going to list this under "routines" so I can look at it next time I'm away with work, which is exactly 10 days from now.


Running intervals - 20 seconds slow, 20 seconds transition, 20 seconds fast
Repeat 10 times

500 meter sprints
1 minute recover
repeat 4 times

Stationary Bike:
20 minutes on random, level 8

Going to the gym only less boring than writing about going to the gym, so I'm very sorry for making you read all this boredom.  On Sunday I'll be mountain biking again (it's been a while!) So look forward to some better pictures then.  Horray!