January 8, 2013

Tuesday Travels

I'm almost over my SARS.  Being sick is lame, but the exciting part of being sick is getting healthy again!  I've not been able to excercise since Friday but I managed to make it to the gym today for modified Cardio 1.

Modified Cardio 1:

Treadmill: Run a mile.  

Cross Trainer: 3 minutes on 8, 2 minutes on 18, repeat 4 times 

Rower: Row 2,000 meters

There were a couple of good points - the mile took me 9 minutes today, which is really good for me.  Before I started running a mile took me at least 10 minutes, usually 11 or 12.  Today I was tired after my mile, but I probably could have continued if treadmills aren't so damn boring.  I think the interval training of Non-modified Cardio 1 must be helping.

The rower took me under 10 minutes, which is also really good for me.  I've never timed myself on the rower but 11 to 12 minutes is my usual for 2,000 meters.  10 is such a nice round number that I have little desire to improve, except maybe to start doing 9 minute miles and 9 minute rowers?

Tomorrow I am going to try TRY TRY to get up at 6am for an early weights session at the gym.  Being sick over the weekend set me back and I haven't been for a long weekend ride in 3 weeks now so I'm somewhat worried about my next cycling adventure.  I don't think there's much I can do to keep my long ride stamina up, except long rides, and when you're away with work (which I am now) you can't really sit on a bike machine for 5 hours.  Also, that would be so boring I would rather....

... I don't know, I can't think of anything more boring than that.  Even watching paint dry would probably be less boring than 5 hours on an indoor bicycle.

If I am to get up at 6am I better get to sleep now, so goodnight blogosphere!

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